Our fabrics are carefully selected and partly sourced from GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - certified partners. GOTS is recognized as the world leader for processing textiles produced from biological natural fibers. This means that in the harvest the fabrics are organic and that the entire production chain - fiber processing and textile finishing process - is completed without the use of any harmful chemicals. At all stages of the processing chain, it is ensured that ecological and conventional fibers are not mixed, and that the ecological fibers are not contaminated.
GOTS defines the environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain, but also defines the social criteria that needs to be maintained.

The cotton we use is 100% organic and is GOTS certified.

Our silk is sourced in India. We work with two kind of silks: Ahimsa Silk and Ethical Silk.
Ahimsa Silk - Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to non-violence. Ahimsa is the abstinence from causing any pain or harm to any living creatures and stands for compassion. Therefore, the silk is also called peace silk and is produced from cocoons without killing the pupae inside.
Ethical Silk - The Ethical Silk is sourced from weavers that are fairly paid for their work.

We source vintage fabrics or styles over the world and upcycle them into new fashionable products.

90% of our supplies are either coming from natural sources, are recycled, GOTS or OEKO-TEX® 100 certified. GOTS certified buttons, natural elastic rubber bands, OEKO-TEX® 100 certified nickel free hooks, but also conscious dyeing, are all contributing to the eco-conscious fashion circle of Tassel Tales.
And of course our little tassels are made with love and cotton.