Where are your pieces being produced?
Our Ready to Wear and Yoga Wear is mainly produced in Poland at a small garment factory and patrly in India at the women's collective Saheli Women. Our Accessoires are mainly produced by different artisans in Morocco and in India at the women's collective Princess Diya Kumari Foundation.
Our Babouche Slippers are handmade by Youssef our trusted artisan in Marrakech.
Our Vintage Jeans Jackets are being upcycled by the social enterprises Handwerk Wien and Stitch by Stitch.

What are your styles made of?
We have many different styles manufactured with different materials.
For a more detailed information, please be so kind and read the section 'Our garment & materials'.

What does upcycling mean?
Upcycling means making something new out of something old, used things or waste materials.

Which products are upcycled?
Our Vintage Jeans Jackets are being upcycled with second-hand or vintage rugs or fabrics. We also use old, second-hand or vintage rugs for the production of our Babouche Slippers. Sometimes we also use off-cut fabrics (leftover or even unwanted fabrics) from other brands or stores.

What kind of print do you use?
Our prints are eco-friendly. Meaning we don't use any harmful chemicals.
All our prints are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

How do I know which Slippers size is the one that will fit me?
As our babouche Slippers are handmade in Marrakech, we cannot guarantee exact sizes. In general they are true to size, but if you are in between sizes we recommend to choose the bigger size.

Why don't you use vegan 'leather' for your products?
We would love to use vegan materials instead of real leather for the production of our slippers and other products. Unfortunately, pinapple leather or other plant-based leather alternatives are very expensive. We have done a lot of research on this, and the price per meter for the leather alternative is very high, meaning we would have to sell a pair of slippers for around 270€.
Secondly, the plant-based leather is too soft to create a real sole base to walk on. Meaning the inside of the slippers could be manufactured with plant-based leather, but the sole should remain real leather as they are no adequate materials proposed in the market at the moment.
But at Tassel Tales we use chrome-free and colorless, undyed leather for all our products, meaning that the leather tanners are not exposed to harmful chemicals while treating the leather.

How do I wash my products?
Please refer to the item on our webshop. Each product is featured with a 'Use & Care' section explaining how to wash or take care of your item.
Wear more, wash less.